segunda-feira, 16 de julho de 2007

Paixão e Ser

Duas pessoas apaixonadas precisam de se beijar para se conhecer...

mas Uma pessoa precisa apenas de Ser...

Quando falamos de Unidade, não nos podemos esquecer que somos parte dela...

portanto, porquê beijar, penetrar, ou con.verter-se no que já se é?

E se não se é, então estamos do lado de fora da Unidade?

O Mistério é . . . !!


ilusão do finito

representing real numbers, as integer!!

and integer is what the i can envision…

. ^_^ p

quinta-feira, 12 de julho de 2007

The laughing God - Osho's vision of Nature

“Laugh your way to a laughing God” (Osho)

The Mystery of Existence... how are we supposed to deal with that?

Instead of looking for a reason, a purpose, Osho proposes us to imagine a Laughing God,

Through his laughter the world is created and maintained.

Birds laugh with him, musicians laugh with him, dancers and laugh with him...

Only the man who looks for a reason is unable to find the laughter,

ugliness is rejecting laughter to remain an individual, but then loneliness arises...

ugliness is the inability to laugh with everything, not to accompany existence

in its utter deep vibration...

There is no reason, only abundance, laughter, joy, freedom,

this laughter, this beauty, according to Osho, would be the root of the World...

A root to be accompanied by a sense of beauty rooted in passion and consciousness... just like a sparrow singing and dancing in the air

“The real God is always a God of laughter. Whenever you think of God think of Him laughing, think of Him rolling on the floor with great laughter, and you will be closer to God. When you really laugh, for that moment you are no more on the earth, for that moment all weight disappears. For that moment the window opens, you are divine. Whenever you laugh you are closest to the divine, whenever you love you are closest to the divine. Whenever you sing and dance and make music, that is what real religion consists of.”

“[The laughing Buda would say] You are unnecessarily crying. You need a fool to make you laugh. This is my only message: Laugh! There is nothing missing, just have a good belly laugh. The whole existence is laughing: you are unnecessarily crying. Your crying is absolutely private. The whole existence is laughing: the moon and stars, flowers and birds all are laughing, you go on crying. Open you eyes and laugh! I have no other message." (Osho)

PS - and because God is laughing out of pure Joy, the only way to truly be with Him, Share with Him, is to be in Joy too, in His cosmic laughter! In fact, Joy is the way to reconnect with anything.

Note that this is, I think, Osho’s vision. I myself don’t have any particular vision of God, I am in the dark about God! I don’t know where He is, how He is, why He is, or even if He is. For me God is a mystery to be lived in every thing and every moment.

quarta-feira, 11 de julho de 2007

A Liberdade é a única maneira de percorrer qualquer caminho...

A Liberdade é a única maneira de percorrer qualquer caminho... outro modo apenas aparentamos existir.

Eu, por exemplo, apenas aparento existir!

A minha aparição não sou eu.

terça-feira, 10 de julho de 2007

an absolute desire for truth, freed from all circumstances

an absolute desire for truth, freed from all circumstances

There’s the lover i’d like to Be...